As the President of the Homestead Professional Plaza – Board of Directors, I contend with several matters every day that range from monthly dues, landscaping, building improvements, building maintenance, and contractors on the premises.  It is therefore important to have a property management company that is quick to respond, provides great services, technology-enabled, and accurate with its information.  Since it is key for us to accomplish synergy amongst all our unit owners, our relationship with Teleos Management is critical to our success.

Teleos enables Homestead Professional Plaza to address operational matters as they arise, all while being professional and timely.  The staff is vested in our success.  They seamlessly complement our operations and assist us in accomplishing short-term and long-term objectives, all while keeping a balance in our financials.

Teleos Management is a great asset to Homestead Professional Plaza, and have assisted us in accomplishing many business goals.  Thank you, Teleos Management!

Patricia Lyn Azzam, Board President Homestead Professional Plaza