Our Homeowners Association is now enjoying our third year with Teleos Management Company.  Teleos was brought into our fold at a crucial time for our HOA as we were going through the transformation of change from a Declarant Board to a 100% volunteer Homeowners Board and needed accurate, decisive and timely guidance in finding our wings.  Teleos provided the transitional guidance in a nearly seamless manner and did so with integrity, honesty and timely assistance while assuring legalities were met and guidelines were followed.

As a homeowner, and now a Board member I appreciate the fact that they are courteous, forthright and prompt with responses and notifications. They mesh right in with not only with the Board and Homeowners, but our Town government, contractors and vendors as well.  They bring both sound budgeting and auditing processes to the table, along with professional business savvy.  Further, they do a great job of communication with all parties involved.

Board President Pine Bluffs