Information For Community Developers

Developers Looking for a Property Management Partner

Critical to making new developments successful is getting an experienced property management firm involved early in the process. Since its founding in 2007, Teleos Management Group has specialized in working with developers in every step of the way from creating a plat map through design and construction to making an orderly transition from the developer to the new board of directors. Teleos has assisted in all forms of projects ranging from single family homes, town homes, condo complexes and mixed-use properties, whether they are established as PUD’s or special districts.

During the process Teleos can support to the developer in several ways including:

  • Managing project budgets
  • Assisting in architectural guidelines
  • Consulting in amenities design
  • Supporting development of founding and governing documents
  • For HOAs
  • Declarations
  • By-laws
  • Rules and regulations
  • Architectural standards
  • For Special Districts
  • Service Plan
  • Rules and regulations
  • Architectural standards
  • Managing the transition from developer to homeowner/taxpayer
  • Facilitation organizational meetings
  • Training the board of directors
  • Communicating with new owners

Getting Teleos involved early in the development process helps ensure a sound foundation for the new HOA or Special District and its board. Its input to the process is based on its current, extensive experience with its HOA and Special District boards, effectively bringing the voice of the customer to the development process. This helps ensure what is learned from current homeowners can be included in developments for new homeowners.

At the conclusion of the development process, Teleos is then best qualified and ready to continue the responsibility as the property manager.