About Teleos Management Group

Teleos Management Group

Teleos Management Group is a unique provider of services to the residential community industry. The
company was formed in 2007 by Angela Elliott to provide a complete range of services from
development planning, through construction, first homeowner occupancy, and transition to an elected
homeowner board and then continuing with HOA or Special District board support.
When Angela founded the business, she looked to her Greek heritage for inspiration for a corporate
name. She decided on the Greek word, Teleos,” because it means “complete,” and its root means
“results.” For her, it described what she wanted the company to do. “Complete” because the company
would provide a complete range of services from Community project inception through management by
an elected board. “Results” because these services create positive outcomes for the developers and
communities that Teleos serves. 

Teleos Management Group

Today, twelve years after its founding, Teleos Management Group has participated with
developers in planning and constructing 45 communities, and it currently manages twenty two
Homeowner Associations and fifteen special districts, many of which have been with Teleos since its
incorporation. The company’s excellent customer retention record is a direct result of its services to
satisfied customers helping them increase their property values and making their neighborhoods great
places in which to live. 

The Core Values That Guide The Teleos Team


Trust is the foundation on which the Teleos team strives to build partnerships with our customers. You can be confident that Teleos will meet your requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.


Transparency is a requirement for building trust. It is the open, frank and candid communications achieved in listening its customers to provide the services you need achieve the your organization’s goals.

Customer Service:

Teleos is in business to service our customers’ needs whether they be HOAs, Special Districts or Community Developers. We provide those services promptly and ethically. We understand that homeowners/taxpayers depend on their Boards of Directors to hire and provide them with the best management experience and customer service available. We are here to make that happen!


The most effective way to demonstrate respect to our homeowners and developers [customers] is to listen, to learn and understand their specific, unique requirements and ideas, to deliver our services accordingly and to respond to our customers’ feedback in order to continuously improve our services.


We keep our processes simple and uncomplicated. Complexity is an obstacle to great service, and our systems work in achieving customer goals.

What makes us different?

Our Strategy

Customers Come First

Have a maintenance request or question? We’ll return your call or e-mail promptly. And we do our best to anticipate your needs, so it’s possible you won’t need to contact us at all.

Hands On Experience

Teleos Management has knowledge in all areas of development, from the ground up to bring harmony and organization to your community.

Continuing Education

Teleos is up to date in certifications of community association management and continual education to ensure the end user is apprised of all statutes that govern homeowners and special districts. Certifications: CMCA AND AMS

Trust | Transparency | Customer Service | Respect | Simplicity

Our services incorporate Teleos’ core values of trust, transparency, respect, and simplicity and customer service.
Our values are subsisted by the team members and pooled with the community.  

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